PC TecAce

Custom Solutions For Multiple Industries

TecAce recognizes the critical realities of your business. We’ve fostered successful enterprise
across varied and demanding industries: Retail, IoT, CRM Portals, Education.

  • retail tech
  • IOT
  • health
  • portal
  • education

Retail Tech

Backed by TecAce's Retail Solutions, you'll
delight your customers and maximize omni
channel capabilities.

  • Contents Globalization Service
  • Retail Specific solution - non internet
    environment development
  • Multi-device Experience

Internet Of Things

Utilizing our IoT, wearable and custom app
development capability, we can help bring
your vision to life and create experiences that
exceed all expectations.

  • Service and solution design leveraging IoT
  • Firmware development
  • Device connectivity & integration
  • Real-time operating systems


Leverage our experience building solutions
tailored to health-related problems to create
the perfect solution for users.

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Hardware and Software integration for health-related service
  • Application development for biometrics collection and analysis.

Customer Relationship Portal

Strong customer and partner relationships
are key facets of developing an amazing
product for your business.

  • TecAce CMS
  • TecAce CRM
  • Ticket System
  • SSO


We support educators, administrators, and
students through the application of modern
IT in cost-effective strategies and solutions.

  • Designing visual effects for real-time feedback
  • Child-friendly design for education apps