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Your Modular Solution for Streamlined
Generative AI Applications

Generative AI, essential for diverse industries and companies, demands a variety of applications. We’ve streamlined this need by offering multiple functions through the modular DeepKU Engine, ensuring quick and flexible application.

This powerful AI platform, supporting multiple domains and languages, is custom-built for seamless integration within any business workflow. Each function is meticulously crafted to blend organically into your business, enhancing efficiency and innovation.

AssistAce for Document Restructuring

Our potent tool, a blend of power and precision, elevates document quality and accessibility, merging intelligent analysis with strategic reorganization. It ensures enhanced readability and precise communication, crafted for diverse sectors like academia, business, and legal fields. Every adaptation amplifies content clarity, turning each engagement into a meaningful and impactful experience.

  • News or article summary
  • Length control
  • Restructuring to a specific format
  • Workplace Editor feature
document restructuring

AssistAce for Translation

A crucial tool that tailored for translating professional and technical language content with high accuracy and context relevance, achieved through fine-tuning pre-trained models on domain-specific corpora.

This AI-driven solution leverages the power of generative models, fine-tuned on specialized datasets, to provide accurate translations of professional and technical documents, ensuring the preservation of contextual meanings, terminologies, and nuances.

  • Multi-language support
  • Feedback collection systems
  • Weblink and Text on Image translation support
  • Professional translation in multi-languages

AssistAce for Evaluation

Our AI solution is engineered with generative models, meticulously customized with distinct prompts and an algorithm adept at assessing content for quality, accuracy, and relevance. Adapted to an array of content types - summaries, translations, search results, analyses, and answers - it stands as a benchmark for quality standards.

Utilizing a unique model and methodology, the evaluation feature enhances our understanding and confidence in the content provided. It assesses the output and offers insightful suggestions for improvement.

  • Automated Content Review
  • Gauge content quality in score
  • Suggestion and improvement
  • Contents consistency control

DeepKU Engine

DeepKU is designed to address the limitations associated with large-scale generative AI, offering a refined approach to delivering precise, detailed, and comprehensive answers. It meticulously harnesses the power of both internal and external data, grounded in the knowledge of the Language Learning Model (LLM).

  • Techniques of fine-tuning and embedding, tailored for enterprise application
  • Our proprietary LLM, a perfect adjunct to the capabilities of generative AI

Proprietary LLM

Amplifying the accuracy and specificity of responses from Large Language Models (LLMs) like the general LLM (GPT) is achieved through the integration of our proprietary LLM, designed to refine, filter, and enhance the outputs:

  • Elevate the caliber and precision of answers generated
  • Minimize both the computational expense and time invested in training expansive models for distinct domains or tasks

FineTune and Embeddings

Assisting enterprises in harnessing their business data, employing the strengths of natural language processing and machine learning. We offer bespoke solutions, meticulously crafted to align with the individual needs and objectives of every client. The fine-tuning and embedding services facilitated by the DeepKU Engine enable:

  • Custom NLP Services
  • Search Engines in specific areas
  • Recommendation Systems


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Single workflow purpose for a private or startup.

  • Article and news summary
  • Professional Translation in your particular industry


Optimize their team and work process for a private or startup. Our Enterprise package elevates your experience with added capabilities including:

  • Integration to your legacy system
  • UI customization
  • Data cleaning
  • Advance security
  • Implement on-promise system