AhnLab Partners with TecAce Software for AI Transformation and Global Business

31 October 2023

AhnLab, a South Korean cybersecurity company, announced on the 31st that it has signed a 'strategic partnership agreement for cloud-based AI transformation and global business' with the U.S.-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) software company TecAce Software, located in the United States, on the 30th.

This MOU was made to provide secure and efficient cloud-based AI services and explore joint business opportunities. Through this agreement, both companies plan to collaborate in areas such as consulting and cloud service provision for a company's AI transformation and adoption, consulting, development, operation, and full-stack service support for customer's cloud utilization, security for the safe use of AI and cloud, and enhancing mutual competitiveness for global market expansion and business area expansion.

In the future, the two companies will combine AhnLab's expertise in cloud security and construction with TecAce Software's capabilities in developing and operating cloud-based AI services to support businesses in adopting cloud-based AI technology more reliably. They also plan to explore global business opportunities by leveraging TecAce Software's North American business base.

Chang Han, CEO of TecAce Software, expressed his expectation that this agreement will deepen the long-standing relationship between the two companies and become an opportunity for more in-depth technical cooperation and global business partnership. He also emphasized TecAce Software's commitment to becoming a leading company in the emerging field of AI transformation in the role of an AI cloud consulting company.

Kim Ki-in (Vice President of AhnLab) mentioned creating synergies for a successful 'cloud-based AI transformation' by combining the technical capabilities and know-how of both companies. He also stated AhnLab's commitment to continue leveraging its expertise as a cybersecurity specialist to identify suitable partners for adapting to the changing IT environment and seeking global business opportunities.

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