Custom Solutions For Multiple Industries

Choose a software development partner that knows the realities of your business. We foster
innovation across various industries, from Retail, IoT, Health, CRM Portal, and Education.

  • retail tech
  • IOT
  • health
  • portal
  • education

Retail Tech

Backed by TecAce's retail solutions, you'll
delight your customers and maximize
omnichannel capabilities.

  • Contents globalization service
  • Retail specific solution - non internet
    environment development
  • Multi-Device Experience

Internet Of Things

Utilizing our IoT, wearable and custom app
development capability, we can help bring
your vision to life and create experiences that
exceed all expectations.

  • Service and solution design leveraging IoT
  • Firmware development
  • Device connectivity & integration
  • Real-time operating systems


Been thinking of how consumer device can
help health. We have created various health
related solutions using IoT such as wearable

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Hardware/Software integration for health
    related service
  • Application development for health related
    data gathering and analyzing

Customer Relationship Portal

Developing an amazing product is one of the
hardest challenges but strong partner and
customer relations is what will truly determine
the success of your business.

  • TecAce CMS
  • TecAce CRM
  • Ticket System
  • SSO


We offer educational strategies and solutions
that allow to cost-effectively use modern IT
to support educator, administrator and

  • Design of visual effects for real-time
  • Kids friendly design for education app