Watch Viewer for YouTube

The essential Samsung smartwatch app.

Made for Galaxy Watch Active 2.

This Watch Viewer for YouTube app is not affiliated with YouTube, but it is a tool to help view videos and subscriptions from YouTube.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Watch from anywhere.

Browse, search and watch YouTube videos.

Access your subscription list to see videos from favorite channels.


* To access your subscription list, sign in with Google account is required.

Watch now

Watch YouTube videos.

Conveniently, on your wrist.

Up to date

Open and view YouTube videos.

As soon as they are created.


Access your subscriptions.

See videos from your favorite channels.

* Sign in with Google account is required.

Pair and go

Easily and securely connect your watch.

Just enter a code on your mobile phone or PC.

Supporting multiple devices

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign in with my Google account?

Please follow instruction on watch app.

I'm having trouble signing in with my Google account. What do I do?

Firstly, you do not need to create a new account, if you have an existing account created from Google.

Please test if you can sign in with your account successfully by trying on following URL:

If there is any issues signing in, please follow instructions or get support from to resolve. Then you will be able to sign in to our app properly.

I'm having trouble getting a code, or entering my code does not work. How can I make this work?

If you are having an issue getting the code, your code is generated automatically, so you can get new one by re-launching the app by just pressing Back key few times until app is closed, then launch the app again.

How can I speed up video loading time?

Video loading time varies depends on length and quality of videos and your network condition. It may take a while on large sized videos on Bluetooth connection (BLE for iOS), but it works better on faster Wi-Fi connection. To speed up, we recommend using Wi-Fi Always on (Not Auto) when you are at home or office. Plus all the loaded videos are played instantly to provide faster experience for you.

Does Watch Viewer for YouTube app sends me any notifications?

Our app currently does not send you any notifications. One of reason is that mobile app already sends you notifications (this should be what you are currently receiving if mobile app is installed on your phone), so we thought it might create confusion to users if we also send duplicating notifications.

I cannot open my Watch Viewer for YouTube app. How can I troubleshoot?

If you are experiencing issues launching the app, please step through the following process to troubleshoot.


  1. Restart both phone and Samsung smartwatch.
  2. Make sure stable network is available on smartwatch through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE connection. (Note: If network is not available, app should show ‘Please check your network connection’ error message)
  3. Close all recently used apps from ‘Recent Apps’ (See the guide here), then open Ring Doorbell Viewer app.
  4. If issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the app  (See the guide here), then repeat steps 1 to 4 above.
  5. If issue persists, try clearing the cache and data on the Galaxy Wearable app (Android app on your phone). You can do that by going to Android System Settings > Apps > Galaxy Wearable on your phone, then press Storage to access  the options to clear the cache and data. Make sure to update Galaxy Wearable app to the latest version if available, then repeat steps 1 to 4 above.
How do I contact customer support for Watch Viewer for YouTube?

Please visit and reach out to us anytime.