Retail Solution Development

Backed by TecAce’s Retail Solutions, you’ll delight your customers and maximize omnichannel capabilities, all the while boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Retail App Development

We have a knack for eye-catching promotion. The brilliant contents and fascinating features of our retail apps attract and retain visitors.


  • Developed Retail Marketing Applications for flagship devices

Exhibition & Retail Solution Development

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to design and develop breath-taking exhibitions and retail solutions, each one unique. Utilizing our IoT, wearable and Custom app development capability, we can help bring your vision to life and create experiences that exceed all expectations.

Location-based contents Delivery Solution

Wearable device will detect BLEs’ location and automatically activate the TV app to deliver specific location-based content based on the user’s location


The exhibition displayed the Avengers heros’ costumes, props and character’s story. Each visitor received the Gear S and upon entering in to a hero room, visitors got corresponding contents such as video clips and quizzes of the hero right to the Gear S.

Research and Development Service

You dream it, we implement it. TecAce not only focuses on development but also offers extensive research to makes things feasible for your next Exhibition and Retail experience. With our professional advice on the right technologies and architectural decision, your next project is in the right hands.


  • Extensive experience in sensor integration(Bluetooth, Beacon, NFC, GPS, Motion, 4G/5G)
  • Various kinds of POC project experience