Introducing the updated Ocean Sailor from TecAce

We are proud to announce the updated version of Ocean Sailor, which is available on the Galaxy Store.

Ocean Sailor is used to plan a trip by checking the weather and tide information of the location you plan to visit. Personal map markers can be used to pin on the map where you plan on heading toward, or where the boat has been anchored. Ocean map markers are visible to avoid obstacles in the water. The app does not require account registration, and saved tracking history is stored locally on the watch.

Ocean Sailor received an updated look from the previous version, and additional features were added that can help with the outdoor boating experience. The original features of Ocean Sailor are:

  • Ocean map markers – Lights, buoys, rocks, etc. (only supported in U.S. and South Korea)
  • Real-time location-based tracking for trips
  • History of past trips
  • 3-day tide and weather forecast of current location
  • Emergency call (911)

The new additional features are:

  • Up to 5 personal map markers to pin a route or indicate where the boat was anchored
  • 3-day tide and weather forecast of any area
  • Ability to change the unit of measurements

Currently supporting Samsung wearable devices with Tizen version or higher.

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