Introducing three new wearable applications from TecAce

As part of TecAce’s watch essentials series, three new wearable applications were added to the TecAce application family.

  1. Watch Translator
  2. Watch Viewer for Twitter
  3. Wattch Viewer for YouTube

The Galaxy Watch Active2 is advertised as a sleek lifestyle watch, and we strategically chose to make these three apps to aid in that seamless lifestyle integration. The apps are easy to use, but still, allow essential interactions like retweeting tweets or subscribing to YouTube channels. Our applications, with its’ easy to use UI and convenience, you can be more productive without the help of your phone.

Since the release of these apps, they are getting so much attention and praise from the users and experts. Especially Watch Translator was advertised as a major feature of the new Galaxy Watch Active 2 by Samsung.

Watch the short promotion video Samsung created for Korean market.

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