TecAce is the first to submit for Bixby Developer Showcase

Samsung and Viv labs started a closed beta phase for Bixby Capsule. Along with the beta release of Bixby Capsule, Bixby Developer Showcase was announced for the developers to share their Capsules.

Its aim of this showcase was to reward developers who spend time learning how to build with Bixby as well as them submitting a unique and functioning Capsule. The three judging criteria includes Impact, Creativity, and Innovation.

As a world leader of multi-platform development and one of the biggest partners of Samsung, TecAce also participated in this beta phase and Bixby Developer Showcase. Not only were we the first to submit a Capsule to the showcase, but we were also able to develop various Capsules which can help future developers. These can be used as templates such as weather, distance, air quality, and calculator.

Because Bixby Capsule is still in its early phase of development, it may not be the easiest to develop the Capsules, but in the near future and with more resources, Bixby will be able to do a lot more than any of its competitors.