Tecace Showcases its Tizen apps at the 2015 Tizen Developer Conference in Shenzhen, China

Tecace software was invited to the 2015 Tizen Developer Conference held in Shenzhen, China on Sept 17-18 as a developer partner.Tecace proudly demonstrated its developed Tizen applications on mobile and wearable devices. The Tizen Developer Conference is an annual event for open source and application developers who are interested in Tizen platform.

The total attendees were in the thousands and developers all around China and Asia gathered in this annual event to experience “The Best Way to Connect Everything” which was the main slogan of the conference.

As a Tizen expert, Tecace software offered a preview of middleware in development and also demonstrated a few apps for the Samsung Gear and the successfully launched Samsung Tizen OS smartphone – Tizen Z1. Tecace’s featured development tool allows the user to create high performance Tizen native (EFL) apps using LUA scripts. The LUA UI library, with its easy, intuitive feel, outdoes EFL. Development time is dramatically shortened by reducing the building, packaging, and testing periods.