Avengers Exhibition project using Beacon and Wearable technology

TecAce Solutions, a subsidiary in Seoul Korea, successfully completed Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N project in May 2015. The exhibition was held at Yongsan War Memorial center in Seoul, Korea and which displays the Avengers heros’ costumes, props and character’s story.

However, it is not ordinary exhibition, visitors can go through new experience with wearable devices – especially Samsung Gear S.

To actualize the experience, we have utilized Beacon technology and the cool wearable devices. We installed beacons and wearable app communicating with the beacons. Once visitors create profiles, they receive Gear S and it guides new experience in the exhibition. When entering in a hero room, visitors are getting corresponding contents such as video clips and quiz with the hero. Installed numerous beacons in whole exhibit center detect where visitors are through communicating with the Gear S.

Beacon, near wireless communication device, is based of Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It was introduced as iBeacon by Apple in WWDC 2013. Google also launched open beacon format called Eddystone. As location based service and IoT are getting more integrated into our life, the beacon market will enlarge and be 4.5 million active beacons overall by year end 2018, according to Business Insider Report. It will be one of core technologies in IoT era.