CameraAce – Photo Slideshow Hits 1M Downloads by Providing Unique Value to Special Targets

CameraAce dared to challenge the conventional photography applications with its unique photography theme workbench and as of today, 1 million downloads later, the users have spoken—they love CameraAce.

CameraAce is a functional and imaginative new take on mobile photography that specializes in organizing a user’s photos as they are taken. Users can create preset themes which automatically apply predefined filters and frames to photos as they are taken and organizes them into appropriate categories. In addition to the photography themes, CameraAce offers a full photo editing suite, collage composer, and shareable slideshow creator.

Users appreciate the Photo Workbench UI, which is reminiscent of a film camera setup. The complete photo life cycle can be accessed from there: create, edit organize and enjoy. Once a photo has been snapped, users can beautify their creations from their white leather “workbench.” CameraAce has served over 15 million sessions to the app’s 20,000 daily users.

CameraAce’s growth is not viral, artificial or fleeting. Through constant user feedback and developer augmentation, CameraAce has evolved into an app that users sincerely enjoy using—the slideshow-sharing feature in particular embodies this progression. Users wanted to add their personal music files to their slideshows and share them on Facebook, so CameraAce made it so. Now these beautiful and emotional slideshows represent the most popular feature in CameraAce.

CameraAce is a truly user-driven experience in that user content powers the app, and user needs will dictate the future of the app experience. In a recent survey of user wishes, it was found that users want to keep their memorable slideshows forever. CameraAce plans to fulfill their loyal users’ needs by implementing a slideshow download and storage feature.

Although CameraAce has reached the 1 million download milestone, it’s merely the beginning of the journey. Compared to other photo printing apps, CameraAce is simple and straightforward. Users don’t need to create accounts or login to add payment or shipping information. Users simply order photos from the app and then checkout when the photos are picked up at a local Target store.