The First Photo Android App to Utilize KODAK Print API – CameraAce

CameraAce—one of Android’s most popular and highly rated photography apps, has teamed up with Kodak —a global photo printing company, to give users the ability to print their mobile photo creations directly from their devices.

CameraAce is a smart picture editor that helps users decorate and organize photos using its patent-pending, “Organize your photos before you take them,” Photography Theme* feature. Thanks to CameraAce supports Kodak print APIs, it now enables users to print photos and other exciting products through Kodak printing API’s global infrastructure.

Compared to other photo printing apps, CameraAce is simple and straightforward. Users don’t need to create accounts or login to add payment or shipping information. Users simply order photos from the app and then checkout when the photos are picked up at a local Target store.

TecAce Software, Ltd. CEO Chang Han had this to say about supporting Kodak APIs for printing: “We expect this feature will spur users’ interest in sharing their photo collections in many different ways. CameraAce’s photography themes—the most enjoyable feature of the app—adds meaningful values to photo collections and imbues them with new meaning while make it fun and easy to select the best photos from the multitude that are saved on a smartphone. Upcoming smartphone cameras will only get better and users will want to transform their photos into dazzling prints. Picture the future, you might say.”

CameraAce users can easily order photo prints to be sent to any one of 2,000 Target stores in the U.S., where they can easily pick up and purchase their photos. Kodak plans to expand its retail partnerships in the US and add worldwide partners as well.