TecAce launches CamerAce v2.0.519 – Powerful Photography Tool Made Easy

TecAce has officially launched the latest version of our powerful photo editing and organizing, CameraAce v2.0.519. The latest update builds upon the fundamental principal that photography should be fun and easy.

User shouldn’t have to worry about constantly adding filters and frames to every photo, and more importantly, it should be easy to keep track of the photos. With CameraAce version 2.0.519, doing all these things is much easier with the newly added Camera Workbench UI and Photography Themes.

The Workbench UI consists of up to 10 different ‘cameras,’ each with its own unique Photography Theme (Patent Pending). The user can edit each camera’s Photography Theme to suit their needs. For example if you enjoy taking photos of what you eat, you can create a camera titled “Cuisine,” that adds a HDR filter, a Polaroid frame, and saves to a folder called “Food.” Now whenever you want to capture a memory of a beautiful dish, simply fire up the Cuisine camera and your preset photography theme will be applied. No need to individually edit photos and move them to the appropriate folder.

In addition to the innovative Camera Workbench interface, users can now enjoy their photo collections with music of their choosing. Bring your Camera galleries to life with slideshow mode, which will beautifully display your photo galleries with a soundtrack that can be edited in each Photography Theme. New users will be pleased to know that a graphical tutorial has now been included to guide the user through the Camera Workbench interface. In addition, numerous bug fixes have been performed and optimizations for improved performance have made a positive impact on photo rendering and preview times.

CameraAce is now available for free on the Google Play Market.