TecAce Movaluate is Giving Away NFC/QR Combo Tags

TecAce Movaluate is ready to deploy its one of a kind, NFC/QR Code Tag Combo that will allow any smartphone users to instantly determine their smartphone’s value, facilitating use of the second-hand device market and reducing unnecessary eWaste.

Movaluate’s free NFC-QR tags combine the power of NFC (Near Field Communications) and QR (Quick Response) codes to communicate with Movaluate and generate an appraisal. When a device taps or scans the tag, Movaluate will automatically detect what device it is and generate a full price report on the spot.Most of the legwork involved in buying or selling a phone involves researching its price. Without a fair price, buyers and sellers will be missing sales opportunities and wasting their time. With Movaluate’s fair market price reports, buyers and sellers can quickly understand the value of their phone and make a quick and confident transaction.

Each tag will be affixed to a postcard and shipped via First Class mail. The NFC tag specifications are:

35mm x 35mm, Sticker format NFC Tag
1K Capacity (752 bytes) that is reprogrammable
Response time: 0.01 sec
Bandwidth of 100-424Kb/s
Imprinted with Movaluate’s Quick Response Code

Watch Movaluate’s NFC-QR tag in action: http://vimeo.com/52583413 Movaluate will be distributing these reprogrammable NFC tags for free while supplies last. To receive your own tag, simply head over to Movaluate’s NFC-QR Tag Event Page and tell us where to ship it. For more details about how to use NFC tags and QR codes, check us out on the blog.

Event: http://www.movaluate.com/free-nfc-tag-giveaway Web: http://www.movaluate.com Blog: http://blog.movaluate.com