Samsung includes CameraAce as Gift Premium Features in Note 4

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CameraAce — one of the most popular and highly rated Android photography apps has teamed up with Samsung to bring premium slideshows, filters and frames to the brand new Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

CameraAce is a smart picture editor that helps users decorate and organize photos using its patent-pending, "Organize your photos before you take them," Photography Theme feature. With over 1 million downloads and a 4.3 star rating in the Google Play Market, this partnership will bring an optimized photo experience to users around the globe.

At Samsung’s 2014 Unpacked Episode 2 event held in Berlin, they announced a trio of new devices: the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and the Gear VR. Along with these devices, Samsung announced the 180-day, CameraAce Premium Upgrade that would be included in the device’s Samsung Galaxy Gifts suite, alongside popular apps Dropbox, Audible, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

The announcement of CameraAce Premium’s inclusion in Samsung’s Galaxy Gift also marks the debut of the service. Users will be able to take full advantage of the new device’s camera hardware with CameraAce’s comprehensive photography application. The free 180 day Premium Subscription Upgrade will give users enhanced slideshow sharing features, access to over 150 filters and frames as well as localization in 5 different languages.

With CameraAce’s Premium Subscription, users can create slideshows with more than 24 photos and store them forever. Users will have access to CameraAce’s entire filter and frame pack collection, normally $0.99 each. To provide these services to users around the globe, CameraAce has been localized in 5 languages including English, Korean, Italian, Spanish and German, with plans to add another 4 languages within the next year. Additionally, users will be able to use ultra high definition, WQXGA (2560x1600) photos with all of their premium features.

CameraAce is excited to be a part of Samsung’s promotion to bring great value to its users. With 6 months of Premium Subscription—normally valued at $17.94—available for free, users will get unabridged access to one of the best photography apps on the Android market on their new Galaxy Note devices.

CameraAce - Photo Slideshow Hits 1M Downloads by Providing Unique Value to Special Targets

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CameraAce dared to challenge the conventional photography applications with its unique photography theme workbench and as of today, 1 million downloads later, the users have spoken—they love CameraAce.

CameraAce is a functional and imaginative new take on mobile photography that specializes in organizing a user’s photos as they are taken. Users can create preset themes which automatically apply predefined filters and frames to photos as they are taken and organizes them into appropriate categories. In addition to the photography themes, CameraAce offers a full photo editing suite, collage composer, and shareable slideshow creator.

Users appreciate the Photo Workbench UI, which is reminiscent of a film camera setup. The complete photo life cycle can be accessed from there: create, edit organize and enjoy. Once a photo has been snapped, users can beautify their creations from their white leather “workbench.” CameraAce has served over 15 million sessions to the app’s 20,000 daily users.

CameraAce’s growth is not viral, artificial or fleeting. Through constant user feedback and developer augmentation, CameraAce has evolved into an app that users sincerely enjoy using—the slideshow-sharing feature in particular embodies this progression. Users wanted to add their personal music files to their slideshows and share them on Facebook, so CameraAce made it so. Now these beautiful and emotional slideshows represent the most popular feature in CameraAce.

CameraAce is a truly user-driven experience in that user content powers the app, and user needs will dictate the future of the app experience. In a recent survey of user wishes, it was found that users want to keep their memorable slideshows forever. CameraAce plans to fulfill their loyal users' needs by implementing a slideshow download and storage feature.

Although CameraAce has reached the 1 million download milestone, it’s merely the beginning of the journey. Compared to other photo printing apps, CameraAce is simple and straightforward. Users don’t need to create accounts or login to add payment or shipping information. Users simply order photos from the app and then checkout when the photos are picked up at a local Target store.

The First Photo Android App to Utilize KODAK Print API - CameraAce

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CameraAce—one of Android’s most popular and highly rated photography apps, has teamed up with Kodak —a global photo printing company, to give users the ability to print their mobile photo creations directly from their devices.

CameraAce is a smart picture editor that helps users decorate and organize photos using its patent-pending, “Organize your photos before you take them,” Photography Theme* feature. Thanks to CameraAce supports Kodak print APIs, it now enables users to print photos and other exciting products through Kodak printing API’s global infrastructure.

Compared to other photo printing apps, CameraAce is simple and straightforward. Users don’t need to create accounts or login to add payment or shipping information. Users simply order photos from the app and then checkout when the photos are picked up at a local Target store.

TecAce Software, Ltd. CEO Chang Han had this to say about supporting Kodak APIs for printing: “We expect this feature will spur users’ interest in sharing their photo collections in many different ways. CameraAce’s photography themes—the most enjoyable feature of the app—adds meaningful values to photo collections and imbues them with new meaning while make it fun and easy to select the best photos from the multitude that are saved on a smartphone. Upcoming smartphone cameras will only get better and users will want to transform their photos into dazzling prints. Picture the future, you might say.”

CameraAce users can easily order photo prints to be sent to any one of 2,000 Target stores in the U.S., where they can easily pick up and purchase their photos. Kodak plans to expand its retail partnerships in the US and add worldwide partners as well.

TecAce Received the Korea Mobile App Award for May 2013

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A smart android photo app, CameraAce, has been named the winner of the Korea Mobile App Award for May 2013. The award is bestowed by the MoneyToday publication and Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning in Korea.

CameraAce is also the recipient of the Korean Ministry of Science's "Korea Mobile App Award." The ministry along with industry experts from the Money Today, ICT and Future Planning Agency, bestows this award to a promising and innovative application in the highly competitive Korean app market. The app is now eligible to receive investment from the "Korea IT Investment Association" run by KAIT. In addition, CameraAce is now a candidate for the Korea Mobile App Grand Award 2013 as well as the Asia Smartphone App Contest, held next year in Hong Kong. TecAce is proud to have CameraAce achieve international recognition in one of the largest and hottest Android app markets in the world.

The goal of CameraAce is to transform mobile phone photography into something more meaningful. Currently, it is easy for smartphone users to generate photos, but it is much more difficult to edit and organize these collections. CameraAce seeks to give users the power to organize their photos the moment they are taken. Using CameraAce's Photography Themes, users can create presets that will automatically apply various effects and frames. As users select different themes such as family, food, and landscape, their photos will be organized into albums, which can then be viewed as a slideshow with user-selected music. There are multiple types of slideshows including photobooks, with animated page turning.

TecAce CEO Chang Han has remarked on the future of CameraAce: "We are working on a feature that will allow multiple users to take and share photos simultaneously. Allowing users to generate an image from multiple photos from different angles at a single event would create amazing and meaningful memories for users."

CameraAce is free and available now on the Google Play Market and at

TecAce launches CamerAce v2.0.519 - Powerful Photography Tool Made Easy

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TecAce has officially launched the latest version of our powerful photo editing and organizing, CameraAce v2.0.519. The latest update builds upon the fundamental principal that photography should be fun and easy.

User shouldn’t have to worry about constantly adding filters and frames to every photo, and more importantly, it should be easy to keep track of the photos. With CameraAce version 2.0.519, doing all these things is much easier with the newly added Camera Workbench UI and Photography Themes.

The Workbench UI consists of up to 10 different ‘cameras,’ each with its own unique Photography Theme (Patent Pending). The user can edit each camera’s Photography Theme to suit their needs. For example if you enjoy taking photos of what you eat, you can create a camera titled “Cuisine,” that adds a HDR filter, a Polaroid frame, and saves to a folder called “Food.” Now whenever you want to capture a memory of a beautiful dish, simply fire up the Cuisine camera and your preset photography theme will be applied. No need to individually edit photos and move them to the appropriate folder.

In addition to the innovative Camera Workbench interface, users can now enjoy their photo collections with music of their choosing. Bring your Camera galleries to life with slideshow mode, which will beautifully display your photo galleries with a soundtrack that can be edited in each Photography Theme. New users will be pleased to know that a graphical tutorial has now been included to guide the user through the Camera Workbench interface. In addition, numerous bug fixes have been performed and optimizations for improved performance have made a positive impact on photo rendering and preview times.

CameraAce is now available for free on the Google Play Market.

TecAce licenses Comcast RDK for providing IP TV set-top box development service

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TecAce has licensed Comcast’s Reference Design Kit (RDK) software stack for powering IP TV set-top boxes and video-playing device platforms from market leading OEMs.

This agreement will enable TecAce to provide software development, integration and testing services to set-top box and chip manufacturers as well as MSOs who are planning to take advantage of the RDK initiative.

The RDK is a pre-integrated software bundle that creates a common framework for powering tru2way®, IP or hybrid set-top boxes and video gateway devices. It accelerates the development and deployment of next-generation video services such as cloud-based Video on Demand (VOD), and improved television guide experiences with richer graphics and better search functionality. Comcast licenses the RDK to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), semiconductor manufacturers, software vendors and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to create a community of innovators focused on bringing rich, multi-screen TV home entertainment experiences to consumers faster.

A Photo App Leveraging the Samsung S-Pen

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TecAce is pleased to announce the release of CameraAce, a photo application specially designed for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. CameraAce is the all-in-one solution for shooting, editing, and sharing photos.With its intuitive controls, CameraAce allows users to easily add various photo effects, frames and annotations, as well as compose collages.

While using the S-Pen, users can hover over different parts of the interface to view image previews and details. In addition to the slideshow view, users can pan and zoom through beautiful animated shows with background music.

Steve Ha, Director of Mobile Solutions at TecAce has commented: “Since 2007, we’ve produced multiple photo apps for the Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Android operating systems. CameraAce is a revamped Android version of Photogram which has over 5 million downloads in the Windows Phone Marketplace. We’ve leveraged the innovative hardware of the Samsung S-Pen in CameraAce to create a fun and easy to use photo editing experience.”

CameraAce is the most liked app in the S-Pen category of apps as reported by Samsung’s S Suggest app. You can find and download CameraAce via Samsung’s S Suggest app, Samsungapps or the Google Play Market.

TecAce Movaluate is Giving Away NFC/QR Combo Tags

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TecAce Movaluate is ready to deploy its one of a kind, NFC/QR Code Tag Combo that will allow any smartphone users to instantly determine their smartphone's value, facilitating use of the second-hand device market and reducing unnecessary eWaste.

Movaluate's free NFC-QR tags combine the power of NFC (Near Field Communications) and QR (Quick Response) codes to communicate with Movaluate and generate an appraisal. When a device taps or scans the tag, Movaluate will automatically detect what device it is and generate a full price report on the spot.Most of the legwork involved in buying or selling a phone involves researching its price. Without a fair price, buyers and sellers will be missing sales opportunities and wasting their time. With Movaluate's fair market price reports, buyers and sellers can quickly understand the value of their phone and make a quick and confident transaction.

Each tag will be affixed to a postcard and shipped via First Class mail. The NFC tag specifications are:

35mm x 35mm, Sticker format NFC Tag
1K Capacity (752 bytes) that is reprogrammable
Response time: 0.01 sec
Bandwidth of 100-424Kb/s
Imprinted with Movaluate's Quick Response Code

Watch Movaluate's NFC-QR tag in action: Movaluate will be distributing these reprogrammable NFC tags for free while supplies last. To receive your own tag, simply head over to Movaluate's NFC-QR Tag Event Page and tell us where to ship it. For more details about how to use NFC tags and QR codes, check us out on the blog.

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TecAce became a sponsor of 2012 Young Leadership Camp

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TecAce was pleased to be a sponsor of “2012 Young Leadership Camp” by the Korean Community Service Center (KCSC). The 3-day event was held at Camp Berachah Retreat Center in Auburn, Washington. The young participants, between 13 and 18 years of age, explored the topic, “United Today for a Stronger Tomorrow”.

During the three days, the young generation was inspired by many great guest speakers, like James Son from the hit reality show Apprentice, SeongYoung Lee from Microsoft, and Steven Brown from the non-profit organization, Project LACE (Love Abandoned Children Everywhere). Also, they experienced community service and learned the value and purpose of helping others. This event was a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and to encourage dreams. TecAce is happy to be a part of mentoring and standing faithful to the emerging generation.

TecAce Launced NewsAce Pro

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TecAce has launched the video news-player, NewsAce Pro, upgraded version of NewsAce, with more enhanced features. You can read RSS feed without any interruptions and you can set more than 12 news subscriptions on the front Newsstand.

Also, you can set an 'Auto Download Schedule' for the feeds which you've visited most frequently and send images in article view via 'Share Images'. Moreover, there’re 400+ recommended news channels including CNN, Movieclips(movie trailer), The NewYork Times, ESPN, engardget, boingboing, The big picture, 5min, BestRadioPodcast, College Humor, Twitter, and Youtube that you can play with your fingertips. NewsAce Pro is now available on the Android and Amazon Market.